Presentation about the Oregon SHIP by Dr. Katrina Hedberg
Dr. Hedberg will talk about the State Health Profile and how population health data were used to inform the State Health Improvement Plan.

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Compassion Clinics List - list of Oregon Compassion Clinics toward the bottom of the page

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General Oral Health Resources

Taking a Bite out of Oral Health Inequities - Promoting Equitable Oral Health Policies for Communities of Color (California Pan-Ethnic Health Network)

United States Oral Health and Well-being -
2015 American Dental Association Study

United States Oral Health and Well-being Webinar - American Dental Association, 2016


Conference and Summit Resources

10th Annual Fall Conference Presentations:

Why Grandmothers Are Important - Lisa Sardinia

Promoting Oral Health Equity for Older Adults - Mary Northridge

Pat Berry, Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence

Kevin Cahill, ECONorthwest

Bruce Gutelius, OHA

May 1, 2015 Summit Presentations:

Dr. Compton of DentaQuest's May 1 Presentation

Transformation Center's May 1 Presentation