Spring Summit Focuses on Big Data – Dr. Rob Compton and the Transformation Center Present

Dr. Bruce Austin, Oregon’s Dental Director, kicked off this year’s Spring Planning Summit at the Oregon Oral Health Coalition (OrOHC) where data was presented looking at both national and local trends showing that oral health disease is the second leading health care cost in America at nearly $162 billion dollars a year – only surpassed by the cost of heart disease.

 "Treating young children under the age of nine represents the highest cost in dental care," said Dr. Rob Compton, CEO of the DentaQuest Institute and keynote speaker. Data also shows early prevention pays off with better health and substantial cost savings if started in infancy and continued through early childhood.

Oregon’s single dental metric is for sealants for children 6-9 and 10-14 years old. Oregon falls below the national average of the percentage of applied sealants in this age group, coming in about 12.5% of the eligible students in the Medicaid population. "Out of 76,000 eligible children Oregon in 2013, almost 42,000 saw the dentist," said Compton. He pointed out that in Oregon only 10,700 children received sealants, indicating that there were missed opportunities for prevention.


Dr. Ron Stock, Director of Clinical Innovation in the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), provided a history and overview of the Transformation Center. Together with Innovator Agents, the center is available for guidance and support to the Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO) and communities, while still allowing for innovation and unique methodologies for achieving the Triple Aim. Stock also stressed the goal for total transparency in services and costs. Joell Archibald, an Innovator Agent with OHA, spoke of the Community Advisory Councils (CAC) in each CCO and the fact that consumers make up 51% of the membership.

Dr. Mike Plunkett, Senior Director for Dental Care Delivery with Kaiser Permanente, provided background on how metrics were selected, and the reason why sealants were selected as the first dental metric for the state. Sarah Bartelmann, an OHA Policy Analyst working with the Metrics Committee, gave an overview of metrics and measurements in Oregon for health care in general along with sharing the potential short list of considerations for another dental metric in 2016. All the presenters and panel members addressed questions and comments by the attendees.

OrOHC board members led breakout sessions in the afternoon where attendees offered up a host of good ideas on how we might work together to improve oral health for all Oregonians.

Dr. Compton’s PPT presentation the Transformation Center team's presentation are available for download in the attached Documents below.

First Tooth Train the Trainer Seminar Recap

On January 28, 2015 ten Expanded Practice Dental Hygienists from around the state participated in the first group First Tooth Train the Trainer Seminar at our Wilsonville headquarters.

OrOHC has long been recognized for work focused on early childhood caries prevention through its First Tooth Program.  With grant support from the Oregon Community Foundation, OrOHC recently initiated a major push to shift the First Tooth training to a Train the Trainer model.  This move is driven largely by two factors, 1.) the mandated integration of oral health into the CCO systems, and 2.) the DMAP ruling that establishes First Tooth training in the medical setting as an approved training to become eligible to receive OHP reimbursement for oral health assessments and fluoride varnish applications for children under the age of 19.


Though First Tooth previously had a Train the Trainer model developed earlier through a grant from the Ford Family Foundation, those trainings were done on an individual basis and required hygienists to travel and participate in three actual clinical trainings.  The new approach brings an economy of scale to the program and provides for not only cost savings but an interactive learning environment.  Participating hygienists receive their final First Tooth Trainer Certification after they have successfully fulfilled the requirements by conducting a real life clinical training.


OrOHC is appreciative of the support of DCO, CCO, and educational partners.  The recent training was attended by seven hygienists from Advantage Dental, two hygienists from Capitol Dental Care, and one dental hygienist instructor from Lane Community College.  Participants pictured are:  Ashley Danielson, Brenna Southwick, Chalene Lincecum, Denise Seus, Shaunna Jennings, Melinda Bentley, Tiffany Foy, Linda James, Kristin Hockema, and Jill Jones.  Karen Hall, OrOHC's First Tooth Trainer, conducted the training seminar and was assisted by certified First Tooth Trainers Zora Lam of Capitol Dental Care, Kathleen Klemann of FamilyCare, Inc., and Laura McKeane of AllCare CCO. Pictures by Charles White, OCDC.


Oregon Chooses New Dental Director

Dr. Bruce Austin has been selected by the Oregon Health Authority as Oregon's new Dental Director.  The new position will report to Dr. Jeanne Smith, the State's Chief Medical Officer.

The hiring of the State Dental Director has long been a point of advocacy by many organizations which are passionate about raising the bar of oral health in Oregon.  It was included as a key strategy in the Strategic Plan for Oral Health in Oregon to help strengthen the infrastructure for healthcare delivery in the state.  The position is recognized as an important role in advancing policy that can help reduce the burden of oral health disease and encourage prevention and access to care.

"I truly have a deep passion for public health dentistry, and I will wholeheartedly carry this passion, caring, and concern for every individual into my new role," says Austin.  "I can assure you I will work as hard as I can to funnel my energy, passion, and excitement into measurable relationships and improvements."

Austin has been active with and served as chair of the Linn, Benton, Lincoln Regional Oral Health Coalition.  He most recently served as the Dental Director for Community Dentistry with Capitol Dental Care.  OrOHC welcomes Dr. Austin to his new role and anticipates many opportunities for collaboration with his office.


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