Oral Health Toolkit for School Based Health Centers (SBHCs)

This toolkit is to provide SBHCs with various kinds of resources aimed at: connecting clients with existing oral health services in their area, integrating oral health services into their SBHCs and schools as well as different types of publications around childhood/young adulthood oral health and oral health services in school settings.

It was developed by the Oregon Oral Health Coalition’s K-12 Committee, which is committed to increasing in-school access to oral health services, advance education outcomes, increase school attendance and improve the overall health and wellness for Oregon’s K-12 population.

Oral Health by the Numbers:

High School Data

Elementary and Middle School:

Community Resources for Oral Health

County/City Specific (all clinics below provide preventive and restorative dental services):

Community Based Dental Programs:

Restorative Care Services:

OR Organizations that Promote Oral Health:

School-Based Health Alliance School Oral Health Resource Library

"The School Oral Health Resource Library is designed to help strengthen and expand school oral health services. Its resources are organized around eight components of school oral health: education; screening and risk assessment; preventive care; care coordination; cleaning, exams, and treatments; integrated services; data and program evaluation; and sustainability. "

Resource Library

Oral Health Education

Organizations Providing Oral Health Education:

Oral Health Education Resources: