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Coalition Highlight: Lincoln OHC

Lincoln OHC plays an active role in promoting oral-medical integration and addressing it as a way to meet the needs of rural communities lacking access to care, with a focus on nourishing existing programs and helping to expand them in a more equitable manner for the community.

The previous results of a Lincoln County Health and Human Services diabetic pilot project led to the integration of a voucher program into local clinics. That project was highly successful, and now, four years later, LCHHS remains in contact with every patient from that project. Through those pilot results, the voucher program was created. Now, Lincoln OHC aims to expand the voucher program even further, and they are seeking funds to help nourish and expand it, recently applying for a dental voucher support grant. Those vouchers will be utilized with local private dentists or dental organizations, who agree to accept the vouchers as a means of payment for services at a less-than-standard fee schedule.

In other news, the coalition is excitedly watching as the DentaQuest Institute embarks on MORECare (Medical Oral Expanded Care), an initiative which aims to provide primary and secondary oral health services in primary care medical offices to under-served populations focusing on optimal patient-centered referral systems between primary care and dental care teams. The project began with implementation of the First Tooth curriculum and is now being expanded and customized to meet the needs of the Lincoln area providers.

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It’s simple…

Oral health is the key to whole body health throughout the lifespan…“Mention the Mouth” will amplify the voice of the oral health transformation movement. Because a healthy mouth is the gateway to living a full life, building a strong community and creating an equitable world.

Together we promise to always mention the mouth - in board meetings, in advocacy meetings, at doctor's appointments, at grass roots events... because the first step toward oral health integration is to make sure oral health is a part of the conversation.

Do you vow to always Mention the Mouth? #MentiontheMouth #OregonOHC

OrOHC Spring Training Summit

The Spring Training Summit will be held Friday, 3/29/19 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Hilyard Community Center's Multi-Purpose Room in Eugene, Oregon.

The Spring Training Summit rincludes three of OrOHC’s oral health initiatives to integrate oral health into primary care across the lifespan. The day-long event will include: 

First Tooth, is focused on the oral health of children ages 0-5 and helps educate professionals, caregivers, and parents about early childhood caries while explaining how easy prevention can be.

Maternity: Teeth for Two covers the safety and importance of oral health care for pregnant women. Maternity: Teeth for Two focuses on mother-to-baby caries transmission, common oral health issues that occur during pregnancy, and how to help pregnant women get to the dental chair.

Oral Health & Chronic Diseases focuses on diabetes but also provides information regarding how oral disease can impact other areas of the body and the importance of good oral health while aging.

Cost: $50 per person, and includes all three (3) trainings, all training materials, certificates of completion, and lunch!


Questions? Email Caroline Freeman at caroline.freeman@ocdc.net .

SAVE THE DATE - OrOHC’s 2019 Fall Conference

OrOHC’s 14th Annual Conference will take place on Thursday-Friday, September 26-27, 2019 at the Embassy Suites Washington Square in Tigard, Oregon.
CLICK HERE for more details, and CLICK HERE to follow the event on Facebook, and stay up-to-date as we confirm our partner organizations and add presenters to the agenda.

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THANK YOU to our 2018 Conference Partners!