2018 Conference - Save the Date!

We believe that every Oregonian should have access to preventive and restorative oral health care. Oral health is connected with overall health, so a healthy mouth means a healthier body!


The conference this year is taking on a new format, magnificent vibe, and we are already cultivating a list of inspiring and exciting  presenters. This won’t be a traditional old-school half-day conference. We are beating the bushes to find unique and informed perspectives, the newest in oral health innovations, and out-of-the-box engagements to ensure each and every attendee leaves uplifted, enlightened, informed, and connected.


OrOHC recognizes fluoridation as the foundation of dental public health policy. Click on the map above to find out if your community is fluoridated.


Local oral health coalitions focus on community-driven solutions for oral health challenges in their respective regions. Learn more about how coalition's are working toward healthier smiles.

Check out these Oregon specific oral health resources under the 'oral health' category of the Oregon Health Authority website.  Be sure to select the oral health transformation category.

Oral health doesn't have to be boring! This resource page is dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and caregivers educate children with fun activities, videos, and science experiments.