Coalitions are defined as "an alliance for combined action." OrOHC's local oral health coalitions combine the goal of better oral health for each Oregonian with community-focused, community-driven solutions. There are currently 10 established coalitions and several in developing stages. Expanding the network of local oral health coalitions across the state is one of OrOHC's strategic goals and is a major focus of 2018. We have developed a Coalition Building Toolkit available for anyone interested in developing a local oral health coalition or improving a current one. If you would like to get involved in your local coalition please contact the person listed under each coalition below. If you are interested in developing a local coalition in your area please contact us.

Resources for Coalitions can be found on our Local Coalitions Resource Page.

Local Oral Health Coalitions:


While Karen Phillips (Dental 3) conducts a community needs assessment, this coalition is focused on revisiting and updating their charter. They will use the needs assessment data to drive their decision making.
Coalition Contact: Jenna Harms


In November 2015, this coalition hosted the OrOHC board of directors and reported on their impact in the community which included improved access to care, oral health literacy, and First Tooth trainings.
Coalition Contact: Shelly Hazelton

Benton County

The Benton County Coalition has been established for years and is one of the most senior coalitions in the state. 
Coalition Contact: Molly Perino

Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon is focused on expanding their Stakeholder network and partnering with the Regional Health Equity Coalition on improving oral health for the community. This group is led by Tiffany Schurman and Dr. Michelle Homer-Anderson.
Coalition Contact: Tiffany Schurman

South Coast

South Coast Coalition includes Coos and Curry Counties, and is currently  focused on expanding services and access to the community. They are currently in the process of conducting an Oral Health Needs Assessment of the community and providers. This group is led by Laura McKeane.
Coalition Contact: Laura McKeane


Douglas County

The Douglas Oral Health Coalition has been awarded two grants for our Oral Health For Pregnant Women project. We will be providing 90-day Xylitol kits for pregnant women and recently delivered women to reduce bacterial load and increase oral health for their babies. We are working with local community partners to distribute the kits, and are hiring a part-time oral health educator.  We are exploring the needs of seniors and people with disabilities to increase their access to oral health prevention and education. 
Coalition Contact: Peggy Madison

Klamath Falls.gif

Klamath Basin

The Klamath Basin Oral Health Coalition is currently focusing on strategic planning and expanding its membership. The coalition is also seeking grant opportunities to conduct an oral health needs assessment.
Coalition Contact: Erin Schulten

Columbia Gorge

Under the leadership of David Crawford (Kidz Dental Zone) and Elizabeth Aughney (One Community Health), this coalition has identified priority areas and is investing root causes of community barriers.
Coalition Contact: David Crawford

Linn County

Linn County has expanded a successful voucher plan with lowered Emergency Room visits due to dental pain.
Coalition Contact: Lynn Koehn

Lincoln County

The Lincoln County Coalition has applied for grant funding to incorporate oral health education into their county's dental services for students K-12. This program would empower students to self-advocate for their oral health!
Coalition Contact: Deborah Jones

Three Sisters

Central Oregon

Central Oregon is working on diversifying membership and conducting a regional health improvement assessment. Data from this will be used to guide their goals for health.
Coalition Contact: Heather Simmons




Resources for Coalitions can be found on our Local Coalitions Resource Page.