Executive Director Job Description and Employment Application Procedures:

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The Oregon Oral Health Coalition is a network of diverse member organizations and individuals who share the value that a person’s oral health is essential to their general health and quality of life. Through collective impact, the community coalition recognizes the unique strengths of its members and harnesses them to achieve shared goals intended to advance oral health. The Oregon Oral Health Coalition is growing and evolving.

As specified in the newly revised and adopted Oregon Oral Health Coalition By-Laws, the Executive Director is the chief executive officer of the Community Coalition, is hired by and accountable to the Board of Directors, and plays an integral role in establishing and expanding the membership base of the Community Coalition. This latter role will be especially crucial over the next year or two as the Community Coalition and membership is built. With a more robust and participatory membership, the community coalition’s strategy for advancing oral health and the priorities it recognizes will result from a shared planning process between the Coalition and Board, the officers of the Coalition and Board, and the executive director.

The executive director will play a key role in coordinating and supporting any strategic planning process while simultaneously articulating the Coalition’s values, vision, and mission.

The executive director will be one among a handful of external faces of the organization. He/she can provide professional and articulate representation of OrOHC to professional colleagues and partner organizations, community, regional, and national leaders in the field of oral and public health. This external role may include, but is not limited to:

  • Representing OrOHC at public forums
  • Representing OrOHC at appropriate regional and national events and supporting the network of local coalitions
  • Preparing and delivering both written and spoken position papers, advocacy efforts and information where appropriate

The Executive Director, in partnership with the Board of Directors through the Internal Affairs and Governance Committees, is responsible for the general operation of the community coalition including matters related to governance, human resources and staff, finance, grants and programs, and physical infrastructure. In supporting the two committees, the executive director coordinates the scheduling and location of meetings, the preparation and distribution of materials and provides appropriate communication tools.


The executive director staffs and supports the Internal Affairs Committee, which is delegated by the Board to oversee the coalition’s financial condition, accounting processes and controls, and issues related to physical infrastructure and human resources. He/she is accountable to the Internal Affairs Committee for:

  • Long-range financial planning
  • Developing appropriate fiscal policies and management of financial resources in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Developing and managing annual budgets, establishment of coalition membership dues and sponsorship fees
  • Preparing and submitting appropriate financial reports to the Committee, full Board, and appropriate external stakeholders
  • Hiring, supervising, evaluating, disciplining and termination of employees
  • Recruiting, leveraging, and managing volunteers and interns (e.g. VISTA volunteers)
  • Developing and maintaining employee benefits, personnel systems and policies, tax reporting, appropriate coalition insurance policies, etc
  • Developing and maintaining contracts for services (including but not limited to facilities, IT support, equipment, etc.)


The executive director staffs and supports the Governance Committee, which is charged by the Board to oversee the health and functioning of the Board of Directors.


The executive director is responsible for developing and overseeing programs operated by OrOHC. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing programs that further goals and strategies identified by the Board
  • Hiring and overseeing appropriate staff to operate those programs
  • Planning service delivery models that address identified goals and achieve identified deliverables


The executive director is a professional, executive management position with:

  • Minimum of four years in senior or executive level management is required.
  • Demonstrated history of organizational development including fundraising, grant-writing, and fiduciary responsibility
  • Undergraduate degree from a four-year educational institution is required.
  • Experience in nonprofit work is preferred.
  • Advanced degree in Public Health and/or a relevant field is highly desirable.


The executive director recognizes the critical role that oral health plays in achieving overall health and wellness and the importance of “medical-dental integration” as a key strategy. He/she does not need to be a “product” of the dental profession but should be able to seamlessly navigate both the dental and medical spheres of interest. Important qualities include:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills—critical in being able to develop a shared agenda from among multiple sectors and stakeholders as well as effectively articulate the vision and mission of the coalition
  • Values diversity and inclusion—given the priority of serving economically disadvantaged communities and communities of color, recognizing and empowering these communities to join and share in the work of the coalition will be vital to the success of the coalition.  The same qualities are necessary in building an effective coalition staff
  • Coalition building – a unique combination of skills to identify, “market” to, and recruit organizations to become dues paying members of the Community Coalition.
  • Strategic thinking –as the coalition broadens, work with the coalition team to develop short and long term strategic priorities, and leverage the unique strengths of the membership


  • Please provide a resume documenting your education and experience
  • Include a one-page cover letter highlighting the skills and experience that make you the best candidate for this position
  • Submit cover letter and resume to us at: OrOHCinfo@ocdc.net