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Early Childhood Caries Prevention
Cavities and tooth decay, also called "caries", are prevalent but preventable diseases often found in young children. The foundation of a healthy mouth should be established during childhood, so this committee aims to increase awareness and promote preventive practices in order to create healthier smiles. 

K-12 Committee

This young committee is looking at how to best serve our communities' children. Acting on the fact that a healthy mouth by high school graduation means better chances at lasting oral health, this group works on getting students the services they need to have a lifetime of strong oral and overall health.

Adult-Geriatric Committee

This committee focuses on supporting the aging and elderly populations. As with other social groups, seniors can face many difficulties with coverage and access to care. This committee's intent is to enable all seniors to receive oral health care. 

Local Oral Health Coalitions Committee

Local oral health coalitions are an integral part of getting the word out about the importance of oral health. These committee members work on the ground floor in their respective communities to build partnerships, create client-to-care connections, and meet local oral health needs.